Monday, 27 April 2009

WIN a Grey Hare Birthday Card from me

I have been interviewed by Nathalie from etsy shop Recupe Fashion on her blog Women - Preneurs. Thank you Nathalie!

I ramble on a bit about me, infact quite a bit, now that I have read it again. It's not that I have a lot to say about me, just a lot to say in general.
Anyway, I hope you find it interesting - please have a read here - and at the end of the interview please enter the free prize draw to WIN one of my Grey Hares It's That Time Again !!! Happy Birthday Cards.

These lovely (and sometimes embarassing) cards have one grey hare for every year of the birthday person's life. Yes, I spend hours cutting out all the hares! and sticking them on! and yes, I can fit lots of the lagomorphs onto a card - so there is no 'oh! I'm too old / there would be too many hares' excuses!

These cards are for sale in my etsy shop. I have two kinds - for those 65 and under and - for those over 65 which have to have another card extension! That's ALOT of grey hares!

Grey hares are very, very adept at hiding under hair colourants, bouffants, wigs, toupes, hats, scarves and whatever else is trying to hide them - but they Never Go Away!
(Some of you young ones may be smirking, even laughing by now - but grey hares can hop on by at Any Age! even in your 20's!!!) Your 'hip' hairdresser may even refer to them as platinum highlights - but don't be flattered - a grey hare is a Grey Hare!

So don't pussy foot around at yet another birthday, and tell it like it is - give the recipient this adorable card, and they will be 'over the moon' at your honesty and great sense of humour - even if they have neither, when they first see the card!
Please visit my interview at Nathalie's blog and leave a comment there to be entered in the draw to win a card with goodness knows how many grey hares!
(I'm cutting them out already!!)
Good luck and thank you


  1. Oh my gosh! Those cards are just darling!

  2. Thanks Meghann - don't forget to enter the prize draw !

  3. I'm going, I'm going.......whoosh.......

  4. Lovely cards :)

    I don't like grey hair LOL
    I put a color on it HEHE
    Than I not see the grey hairssss.....
    I go look to the site, I want to win HEHE

  5. I really liked that interview Annette! I didn't know that you had lived in so many countries - would love to hear more if you ever get time. And of course, now I want to know your middle name :)

    P.S. My birthday is the day after that drawing, and you do NOT want to make that card for me (it would be a lot of work!) So far not too much grey in my hair - but I like the grey, so it's OK.

  6. Good luck Diana!

    Thanks Anya - but - no matter how dark the dye - THEY are STILL there!!!

    Thank you Katie - I could go on for ages! until your ears are numb!

    My middle name hasn't been mentioned for so long that it evades me now!

    and good luck with the competition! - I've seen your photo - your card would take NOooo time at all :)

  7. I love the card! A hare for each year, that's brilliant! And as much as I love bunnies and everything to do with bunnies, I gotta admit I'm not too fond of those gray hares :p hope to keep them at bay for as long as possible!

  8. Fab cards, I just had a friend turning 70, I wish i'd have known about these cards, it would have been ideal!

  9. Well actually Kim - these cards are even for belated birthdays -
    on the back of Late giver cards I write
    'said the tortoise to the hare - better late than never'

  10. Annette, I love your play on words in the creation of this card. Enjoyed the interview too.

  11. thank you Lynn!
    both my parents have a great sense of humour, so it must have rubbed off on me (a bit!)

  12. oh how adorable, very clever idea too!

  13. thank you Juliet! nice to see you are in the same city as me! (small world eh?)

  14. This has to be, quite possibly, the BEST b-day card I've seen!! Love it love it love it.


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