Thursday, 9 April 2009

Put Your Foot Down - Say NO!

Arabella and Wesley say No! to Live Easter Rabbit Purchases - Put Your Foot Down!

It's that time of year again - Easter - and most definitely the very worst time for a rabbit. Especially rabbits sold as a commodity in pet shops and goodness knows where else.

If you are being pestered by a youngster for a rabbit (and you have no particular love for, nor fascination with them) then Put Your Foot Down and say NO!

Rabbits live for up to 14 years. They are not suitable for young children, they can bite and scratch and they are demanding and needy animals. (I can go on - the list is long..) and when your child is 20 will they still want 'the rabbit'?

Don't forget that the week after purchase the rabbit novelty will have worn off and you will be cleaning, feeding, paying bills and going to the vet with the rabbit - not your child.

If however, you do honestly like rabbits, then please wait at least a month after Easter and then enquire at your local rabbit rescue - they will have been inundated with rabbits that were bought thoughtlessly then abandoned, dumped or ignored. (Many rescues do not adopt out at Easter time).
Rescues do not give out free rabbits - all rabbits are spayed and neutered and the prospective owner is assessed for suitability and a fee has to be paid.

Not everyone makes a suitable rabbit parent (don't take it personally - some habits and lifestyles just don't go).

The fee helps cover some of the cost of the rabbit - please consider adding on extra. If the fee is putting you off then you probably aren't going to make a suitable rabbit parent. They are expensive to keep properly and vet bills can be very high.

I paid a princely sum for Arabella and Wesley - well over and above the adoption fee - and was glad to be able to give more to help some of the rabbits that were staying there.

Please read The Rabbit Muse - Just say no to the Easter bunny


Heart of a Cowgirl - Make Mine Chocolate

for their rabbit experiences and check out some great rabbit information here - Make Mine Chocolate and visit the Interactive Bun

Thank you for helping rabbits at this time of year - and if your youngster still wants a rabbit then there is a very affordable choice on etsy -

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Thank You Maureen!


  1. Amen sister! I love your rabbits and they are the only kind I want :)
    Have a great Easter weekend!

  2. My rabbits join their furry white feets with Arabella. Rabbit owners needs to know what they are getting into. Your baby hares look perfectly adorable, just waiting to be in an Easter basket.

  3. I completely agree with you, of course! And that is a wonderful interview that Maureen did.

    I took a peek at your site and the watercolor of Lenin is spectacular (I'm sure you can guess why I like it!)

  4. Since I don't have a rabbit companion animal I'll put my foot down instead. *stomps foot*

    Maybe I'll get myself a chocolate rabbit today. Hehe.

    Those baby hares are beautiful. I love the fabric on both of them.

  5. Thank you Meghann - I am flattered :)

    Thanks Diana - it has been nice to discover your blog - and the '2 spots' - I like your etsy shop too!

    Thank you Katie! (I'm blushing!) - I do know you like my watercolours! I am just starting on 2 pet portraits - a spaniel and a shi tzhu(?)

    It was lovely to be on your blog Maureen! thanks! and yes - when rabbits are disapproving of something or someone - they will stomp the floor amazingly hard and loud with a hind leg. I have jumped in surprise with the loudness before!

  6. Well said, Annette, Charlie joins forces with Arabella too, when he is not busy eating and sleeping..... It's serious business owning any animal especially rabbits. Consider carefully before adopting ANY animal PLEASE!

  7. Thanks Pey, I agree - rabbits may seem like an 'easy pet' but they are actually very hard to keep, and you have to be on your toes to spot anything wrong aswell. Rabbits are good at 'hiding' illnesses.


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