Friday, 17 April 2009

The Wesley Art-Accessory Rabbit Bag

Here is my first Wesley Art-Accessory Rabbit Bag.

Wesley is my rescued albino lop rabbit. He came from The Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare in Rugby, Enlgand. I spent 18 hours in a round trip from Scotland to take him home and now, one and a half years later, he is very happy and content living with me.

Wesley is a very friendly rabbit, little bit hard of hearing, some upper respiratory problems that we handle on a daily basis and the best sense of smell ever! He makes tiny little peeping noises when I give him his meals and when I was making this bag up he lay on his fleeces and watched me!

Here you can see his wonderful long eyelashes and little tuft of crest fur! Plus his nonchalant look!
As soon as I saw the photo of Wesley on the UK rabbit rehome website I knew immediately that he was meant to be with me. I had to wait a couple of months before I could meet him as he was battling a bad respiratory infection and was on very powerful antibiotics. (Something Zai, my first rescue rabbit would not have been able to handle with his weak immune system).

Wesley is a fighter and he made it thru his repeated infections. On this art-accessory bag I used a North American Grizzly Bear applique. This grizzly symbolizes Wesley's innate strength and protects him.
The applique bear has real golden safety eyes that glisten, as he watches out for Wesley.

On the other side is a huge walking grizzly, and behind the lop ear is another shy bear. Even though Wesley is bold and unafraid, he is really a little bit shy and if I even act as if I am going to scoop him up to kiss and cuddle him - he will dart off, as fast as the pronghorn antelope - on the end of the bag!

This is a very special bag indeed, and the first of my albino eyed lop Wesley bags.
If this is The Bag for you - and it is one-of-a-kind - then please visit my etsy shop.
10% from the sale of this bag will be donated to Tracy at the RNGP to help the other rabbits and guinea pigs waiting patiently for their forever homes.


  1. It's beautiful. Wesley must, in a nonchalant way, be pleased to have been the inspiration and model. the tuff and eye lashes are lovely touches.

  2. what a sweet bunny! they eyes and lop ears on the bag look just like him, lovely work!

  3. Look out Wesley, there's a bear! Oh, he is so handsome, the bag turned out beautifully (I love the tuft of fur on his crest - too cute).
    Have a great day!

  4. Thank you Maureen :)

    Yes, Diana, Wesley is really a little star - and has the nicest white lashes.

    Thanks Kimbalina - my model was 'perfect'!

  5. I really like the bag - the little crest of hair is so cute! But Wesley himself is even more adorable - thank you so much for rescuing him.

  6. thanks Meghann! - Wesley and the bear are friends - the bear is his protector in life !

    Thanks Katie - the tuft is adorabe! All animal tufts are adorable though! I am so glad that we found each other, he is really so special.

  7. Is the rescue Wesley comes from based in Rugby, by any chance?? That was were my Hugo came from!!


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