Sunday, 5 April 2009

Arabella Crosses the Big Pond Again!

AND THE WINNER of Arabella Blue Star White Star IS .....

AMA of etsy shop MakeMeSmile

yeahhhh yeeeeee hheaaaaayyyy wweeeeaaaaaa

Congratulations Ama! I hope you will love Arabella when she arrives after her journey from Ohio, USA to the Netherlands. I hope she fits in well with your two felines - Arabella is a pretty cool lady and she can chill with the kittys!

and in Ama's own words "I'm really happy. But the real winners are of course the animals." =^x^=
I couldn't agree with her more!


K.Haering * * T.Herrod * * H.Baker * * P.Brant * * K.Shay

yeeeeaaaaaa yahaaaay weeeeaaaah

I hope everyone enjoys spending their $10 voucher!

Thank you to everyone for purchasing a ticket. It was fantastic that $362 was raised and will go directly to looking after the rabbits being fostered out at The Buckeye House Rabbit Society.

This will cover the cost of spaying does, to prevent the onset of uterine cancer and unwanted pregnancies, and neutering males to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Spaying a doe is vitally important and in 90% of cases an unspayed doe will suffer from uterine cancers, cysts and tumours and will shorten her life span by at least 6 years (rabbits can live for 14 years) and cause terrible pain and suffering.

Am I just saying this? No, sadly I am not. I am talking from experience, nearly 20 years ago when rabbit care was very basic, misunderstood and often backward. My first house rabbit Burns contracted uterine cysts and passed away after having an operation to remove them. If I can help change the quality of life of one rabbit by changing someone's understanding then I have achieved everything.

I am honoured to be able to support rabbit rescues that work so tirelessly and hard, often in very trying and upsetting circumstances and I know that there are many very kind, caring, generous folks supporting them just like me.

Thank you for being so interested in purchasing a raffle ticket and helping to make a great contribution to a small lagomorphs life. It was a pleasure to donate my bag!

and talking of donating - Ama, the winner, also donates proceeds from her etsy shop to her local animal no-kill shelter Stevenshage in the Netherlands.

She makes the most noticible humourous scarves (I have ever seen!)

- no wonder her shop is called Make Me Smile!

and Kim of etsy shop MidnightRabbits, one of the voucher winners, also donates to animal charities from her shop proceeds. She makes, amongst other things, beautiful little animal brooches

I am fortunate to know many of the winners, and they care deeply for their own animals and other animals in need :)

Thanks for supporting charitible giving and handmade!
kindest regards,
Annette, Arabella and Wesley xxx


  1. So glad to hear that so much money was raised - and congratulations to Ama! I know that Ama works really hard to raise lots of money for Stevenshage, so she's the perfect recipent for the bag. And congratulations to all the other winners (including me, of course :)!) - I'll be in touch.

  2. thank you Katie!

    Ama does great work!
    and ofcourse Katie works very hard too in supporting animals - the voucher could not have gone to a nicer person - and so glad that you found the perfect item in my shop!

  3. I had no idea that rabbits could live that long.

    Congrats to Ama, and congrats to you for raising that money for the house rabbit society.

  4. thank you Maureen!

    yup, rabbits are long lived critters indeed!

  5. Thank you! And mostly congratulations to Buckeye HRS for raising so much money and to Annette for not only donating her lovely bag, but also for all the effort she made for spreading the word about the raffle.

  6. Thank you Ama - congratulations on your new forever rabbit bag!

    I could not have done it without everyones help ofcourse, helping to spread the word and buying tickets!

  7. Outstanding fundraiser, and I bet Arabella is pleased too!

  8. thanks Karen! and for your help too!

    Arabella is very content, here under my work desk, munching away on a rather large chunk of turnip :)


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